Om meg

Lars T. Soeftestad (photo)

I am an anthropologist, and live partly in Kristiansand, Norway (where I was raised) and in Sofia, Bulgaria. I work professionally in international development cooperation, and in this connection I travel substantially. My special interests and expertise are, inter alia, capacity building, community-based natural resource management (CBNRM), ethnic and cultural minorities, inclusion, participation, project management, social/cultural aspects of climate change, social/institutional analyses, and transparency. With the increasingly complex issues that are addressed in international development cooperation, my preferred way to work is through teamworks based in interdisciplinary approaches. I work partly through my two consulting firms Supras Limited, registered in Bulgaria and Norway, which focus on project management, social/institutional analyses, and local capacity building, and partly on contracts with public sector and private sector entities. I also work through CBNRM Networking, an NGO registered in Norway. Finally, I place great emphasis on involving, working with, and empowering all relevant stakeholders, as available in public sector, private sector, and civil society.

This blog to a large extent functions as an outlet for more personal thoughts on my experiences with working in international development cooperation (see the page "Welcome to Devblog" at:

In terms of a life away from the laptop, research, traveling, and writing, I have a preference for cross-country skiing, fishing (especially fly-fishing), mountain hiking, music (art music, popular music, and traditional music), and picking berries (wild and domesticated) and turning them into all sorts of goodies.