Devblog: on EEA and Norway Grants

Project meeting (Riga, Latvia, 27 January 2023)

The Norwegian NGO CBNRM Networking together with the Norwegian consulting firm Supras Limited have, with me as a representative, been partners in over 20 projects that received funding from the EEA and Norway Grants. These project were located in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Latvia, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia. They were implemented in the period 2008-2023, that is, they cover all the three 5-year funding periods. Several articles on Devblog presents some of the projects, and also addresses the EEA and Norway Grants in general. They are listed in descending order.

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(14)  EEA and Norway Grants: evaluation of own projects
URL: ?
Date: ?
About: Evaluation of the more than 20 projects that I, on behalf of CBNR Networking (an NGO) and Supras Limited (a consulting firm), have been involved with since 2008, beginning during the first funding period , and up until today. To be written and published when the third funding period has closed. 

(13)  When Santa came to Plovdiv
Date: 16 January 2014.
About: Lars Soeftestad (CEO, Supras Limited) met with children at a kindergarten in Plovdiv, disguised as Santa Claus, and gave them presents.
Project: 'Introduction of energy efficiency measures and construction of photovoltaic power plants in three kindergartens in Plovdiv municipality'. Photos: Supras Ltd.'s Santa Claus event, 15 December 2023, at: Cf. Article no. 12 below.

(12)  Project: Bulgaria - energy efficiency in kindergartens
Date: 15 January 2024.
About: Presentation of this project that was implemented in the period 2022-2024. The emphasis is on technical and engineering aspects.
Project: 'Introduction of energy efficiency measures and construction of photovoltaic power plants in three kindergartens in Plovdiv municipality'. Photos: Supras Ltd.'s site visit, 13 October 2023, at: Cf. Article no. 13 above. 

(11)  EEA and Norway Grants: donor country partners
Date: 11 November 2022.
About: Addresses the position of Norwegian NGOs involved as partners. The focus is on their role in relation to: (i) the overall EEA and Norway Grants and (ii) other partners. 

(10)  Devblog: on Roma
Date: 18 March 2021.
About: List of Devblog articles that address Roma, written in the period 2016-2020. These articles discusses projects that received financing from the EEA and Norway Grants.

(9)  Poland and Norway: transparency and trust
Date: 9 March 2021.
About: Preparatory to submitting a joint proposal for a project with an NGO in Poland, I wrote about the importance of transparency and trust in Norwegian society. The NGO never wrote back.

(8)  Bulgaria: Roma in the penitentiary system
Date: 15 September 2020.
About: This project addressed the treatment of Roma as inmates in Bulgarias penitentiaries. A training manual on discrimination and human rights was prepared, and training provided to wardens. 

(7)  EEA and Norway Grants: my project portfolio
Date: 30 November 2018.
About: List the almost 20 projects that CBNRM Networking and Supras Ltd. have been involved in as partners. 

(6)  EEA and Norway Grants and evaluation
Date: 27 June 2016
About: Presents some experiences with working with the EEA and Norway Grants, and with its specific projects. 

(5)  Roma and health awareness 2
Date: 24 September 2016.
About: A preliminary evaluation of this project, on how to provide infomation about health services to Roma (cf. articles 3 and 4).

(4)  Roma and health awareness 1
Date: 16 September 2016.
About: About a visit that a project team made to Norway to meet with likeminded experts (cf. articles 3 and 5).

(3)  Train or be trained vs eat or be eaten
Date: 28 August 2016.
About: About training to Roma and staff at a medical university on health awareness (cf. articles 4 and 5). 

(2)  Ethnographic film and advocacy
Date: 31 July 2016.
About: This project produced almost 20 small videos, interviewing Roma in Sofia, Bulgaria. The films were shot in the tradition of anthropological filmmaking.

(1)  Anthropology and development cooperation
Date: 31 July 2016
About: On health anthropology, development cooperation, and Ebola in Guinea. 

Lars Soeftestad
CEO, Supras Limited, Norway

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