Supras: Briefing Notes and Papers

Yemen, World Bank project, preparation mission, March 2015, Interviewing children

This page lists documents that are published in the two Supras publication series, Supras Briefing Notes (SB) and Supras Papers (SP). In addition, this blog (Devblog) contains several articles that are relevant and may be of interest in connection with the documents listed below.

Supras Briefing Notes (SBN) 2003-2020

About the series: Short and succinct. Contains drafts, notes, and pre-publication papers. Prepared in connection with writing papers and reports, participation in conferences, or as outputs of development projects.

  1. ICT and development: east is east and west is west and the twain may yet meet. January 2003. 16 p. Notes: (i) item 270, (ii) co-author Maung K. Sein, (ii) pre-publication paper?,
  2. Deconstructing the park paradigm and factors determining the applicability of protected areas. May 2003. 7 p. Notes: (i) item 271,
  3. Konferansen ‘Norge og det internasjonale informasjonssamfunnet’. February 2005. 2 p. Notes: (i) item 311,
  4. Social Geographic Information Systems (SGIS): Integrating GIS and participatory mapping. April 2007. 16 p. Notes: (i) item 336, (ii) first published on,
  5. Small-scale fisheries, networking, and Web 2.0. 2008. ? p. Notes: (i) item 338, (ii) prepared following participation in the FAO conf in Rome?, (ii) not finished.
  6. Small-scale fisheries networking and Web 2.0. January 2009. Notes: (i) item ?
  7. Information and communication technology in rural areas. February 2011. 6 p. Item: 362. Notes: (i)
  8. Creative economy and networking. May 2011. 6 p.  Notes: (i) item 365,  
  9. The private sector in development cooperation: Land management, climate change and social development. September 2013. 6 p. Notes: (i) item 379, (ii) technical paper for UNCCD COP 11 SLMBF.
  10. Stakeholder analysis, an analytical tool in the implementation, management and evaluation of ecotourism activities. February 2014. 20 p. Notes: (i) item 387, (ii) prepared for 2nd European Ecotourism Conf (Brasov, Oct 2013), (ii) draft
  11. Conservancies in Botswana. May 2014.
    Notes: (i) item 391, (ii) not prepared.
  12. Roma, visual media and inter-ethnic communication. May 2016. 2 p.
    Notes: (i) item 426, (ii) prepared for an EEA project in Bulgaria on Roma and film.
  13. The private sector and sustainable land management – An emerging alliance with civil society? September 2017. 11 p.
    Notes: (i) item 438, (ii) shorter version of SP ? (item 424).
  14. Somalia: Coastal zone and marine resources – Management and development. February 2018. 9 p.
    Notes: (i) item 445, (ii) prepared for Min. of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Somalia.
  15. Supras’s Work on Energy Efficiency: A Brief Presentation. March 2020. 3-4 p.
    Notes: (i) item ?, (ii) prepared in connection with the project “Energy Conservation Measures for Rehabilitation and Modernization of Street Lighting in Plovdiv Municipality”.
  16. Involuntary Resettlement in Nepal: A Personal Quest. LinkedIn Pulse, 4 June 2021. URL:
  17. NAFA, History and Documentation of the Annual Conferences. NAFA Network, vol. 28, no. 2, July 2021. URL:
    Notes: (i) NAFA Network is the quarterly newsletter of the Nordic Anthropological Film Association (NAFA), (ii) a slightly edited version was published here on Devblog, with the title “NAFA: History and Documentation”, on 14 June 2021, at:, (iii) both refer to – and include a photo of – an interview with me in Klassekampen, 24. April 1982
  18. (further items to be added)

Supras Papers (SP) 2001-2021

About the series: Contains larger separate and finished documents. They often come about initially (as is also the case for Briefing Notes) as conference papers. The Papers are in some cases connected with or outputs of development projects. Listed in descending order.

  1. Aligning needs and means. On culture, ICT and knowledge in development cooperation. 2001. ? p. Notes: (i) item 242, (ii) orig. publ. as CBNRM Net Papers no. 2.
  2. Language, culture and communication in development cooperation. On the role of ICTs in networking online communities of practice”. 2004. Notes: (i) orig. publ. as CBNRM Net Papers, no. 6.
  3. Regulating the Commons in Mauritania: Local Agreements as a Tool for Sustainable Natural Resource Management. 2007. With Karl P. Kirsch-Jung. Item: 331. Notes: (i) prepared for the 11th IASC conf in Bali 2006, (ii) cf item 320, (iii) orig. CBNRM Net Papers no. 9
  4. Calimani National Park, Romania: Stakeholder analysis. 2011. ? p. Notes: (i) Item 364
  5. The private sector and sustainable land management – An emerging alliance with civil society? 2016. 27 p. Notes: (i) item 424, (ii) shorter version available as SBN 12 (item 438)
  6. UNCCD paper.
  7. Involuntary resettlement in Nepal: A portfolio review. Paper presented at the annual conference of the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA), 18-21 May 2021. URL: Notes: (i) co-authors: Steve Gorzula and Rajan Shrestha, (ii) Item 481
  8. (further items to be added)

Lars T. Soeftestad

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