Roma and Health Awareness 1

Travel route between Bulgaria and Norway

As part of the project "Increasing the capacity of teachers at the Medical University - Plovdiv in training with a focus on health awareness of the Roma community", funded by EEA and Norway Grants, 20 staff members from the university visited Kristiansand, Norway on 6-10 September 2016. The project focuses on providing information about appropriate health services to the Roma community in Bulgaria.

I organized meetings with key stakeholders in public sector and civil society, to discuss health awareness training among Roma and ethnic minorities more generally in both countries. The dialogue was constructive as well as forward looking.

Lars T. Soeftestad

1/  The Devblog article "Anthropology and Development Cooperation", which addresses the role of anthropology in development projects that focus on health issues, is relevant for the present project (see Note 4).
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