Karl Lagerfeld and a Jumping Spider

Jumping spider Jotus karllagerfeldi

A new species of spider, a black-and-white so-called jumping spider, has been named Jotus karllagerfeldi after Karl Lagerfeld, the style czar. This particular species of spider is, according to the researhers who named it, both flashy and stylish. It has eyes that look like black sunglasses, and pedipalps (black-and-white appendages next to the jaw) that look like a Kent collar, according to the researchers,

More importantly, let us hope actions like this amounts to more than a flashy gimmick. We can only hope that is will increase the public exposure to and awareness of these and other smaller species (in this case case actually very small), and contribute to protecting also this part of the planet's biodiversity.

(1) Image credit: see the Source.
(2) Permalink: https://devblog.no/en/article/karl-lagerfeld-and-jumping-spider
(3) This article was published 5 July 2019.


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