The Great Barrier Reef is Dying...

Is it possible to focus away from the nitty gritty details of our daily more-or-less mundane round of activities, and everything close by that requires our immediate and constant attention, and address what happens outside our small spheres of life? 

Take the case of the Great Barrier Reef. It is 2.600 km long, one of the most complex ecosystems on the planet, home to thousands of species – and it is dying, literally, before our very eyes. And it is happening within a time span of months. 

It is far away, and some dead corrals is not a big deal, some will say. Not so. This happens because of global warming, specifically rising sea water temperatures, and it affects life in the seas – and on land – throughout the planet. We cannot afford not to take this seriously. Do read this piece and look at the spectacular and very disturbing footage (The Guardian 2016)!

Lars T Soeftestad

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(5) This article was published 21 June 2016.

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