Gadgets 2: Portable Package Re-Sealer

Portable package re-sealer

This is at first glance a seemingly practical gadget. It is presented as follows on the website (link below): "There's no worse feeling than the first bite of a stale chip. Damp, tasteless and no crunch. The Portable Package Re-Sealer is here to make sure that never happens again. Simply place the packet you want to seal in between the arms, as you would with a staple gun, and the heat will re-seal the package. It's as easy as that!".

The video goes on to parade some examples of situations where this gadget can come handy in. My favorite example is the situation when colleagues dig into your bag of chips without your permission. What do you do? Of course, the Portable Package Re-Sealer to the rescue. Simply seal the bag and your colleagues will have to go elsewhere to steal chips. Except that they can and likely will simply open the bag again.

On a more fundamental level, I have some problems with this gadget, including the idea or rationale behind it:

  • It will create demand for a gadget that consumers did not know they needed.
  • The producer will benefit economically, nobody else.
  • It may increase demand for whatever it is those bags contain.
  • We need to cut drastically down on our massive and growing use of packaging. We do not need another gadget that will contribute to prolonging the use of packaging that contribute to waste.

Lars T Soeftestad

(1) This article is based on a comment that I contributed on a Facebook post that recommended this gadget, on 29 August 2018.
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