DJs, Bankrobbers, and Preachers

Similarities between DJs, Bankrobbers, and Preachers

According to this image there are clear similarities Between Bank Robbers, DJs, and Preachers. This could be the Executive Summary of a social science study of these three professions or jobs, with a focus on the overlaps and similarities between them. Totally fascinating and to the point!

Bank robbers may be happy to be compared with preachers, while preachers will loathe the comparison. They also will not like the comparison with DJs believing as they do that DJs play up to (pun intended) drugs and sex. The rest of us love it all!

The centre statement ‘Put your hands up’ has three different meanings, the top statement ‘Everybody on the floor’ has two different meanings’, and the left statement ‘Give me your money’ has two meanings (forcefully stealing and extortion in a subtle way using religion).

Lars T Soeftestad

(1) From a facebook post of mine, with comments from friends (August 2018).
(2) At least a couple of other versions of this image have been made with further variables included.
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(5) This article was published 1 September 2018.