Internationalization and Globalization

Our relations with the outside world, that is, the world beyond our own countries, is complicated. What with stakeholders in the three sociegtal sectors public sector, civil society, and private sector, and their largely very different rationales, priorities, and agendas for engaging with gthe outside world. Two key terms are commonly used to refer to these international relationships, namely "globalization" and "internationalization". They differ from each other in more than than one respect. More importantly, one of the terms, internationalization, appears to have more than one meaning.

I will discuss these two terms in some detail, with reference to<<<<<<<<< common usage in Norway, and especially as available among some stakeholders in Agder County (see map).



(2) Image credit: Supras Limited. The map shows the location of Agder Country along the southern coastline of Norway.
(3) Relevant Devblog articles: (a) "Agder og internasjonalisering", URL:; (b) "Agderkonferansen og internasjonalisering", URL:; (c) "Agder etter pandemien", URL:; (d) "Agder after the Pandemic", URL:
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(5) This article was published 31 December 2018. It was revised 29 May 2020.

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