50.000 Reads, and Counting!

Devblog, showing more than 50.000 reads

Today, 24 April 2020, Devblog passed 50.000 reads, and counting! We have achieved this in less than 4 years. Amazing! If we knew who the lucky person is, there would certainly be a celebration!

Thanks to you all for using Devblog, and for finding it a great source of interesting, different, and valuable information and analysis. So, dear readers, keep it coming!

How long until we hit 100.000 reads? Wanna bet? A price is waiting for the person who get closest!

Lars Soeftestad

(1) Image credit: Supras Ltd. (Bulgaria and Norway).
(2) Permalink: https://www.devblog.no/en/article/50000-reads-and-counting
(3) This article was published 24 April 2020.

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